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Kickstart This: BlueTube Audio Vacuum Tube Amplifier With Bluetooth—Old Technology Shakes Hands With New Technology


I found another goodie from it’s an audio vacuum tube amplifier with built-in Bluetooth. This item is awesome because it’s taken old technology (vacuum tube amplifiers) and combined it with new technology (Class 2, 16-bit A2DP Bluetooth radio for stereo output and a video command setup) to create a device that will allow you, as they say, “ to thoroughly enjoy your music as it was intended to be heard.” The link below will lead you directly to the page, where they explain every detail that went into creating this jewel.

Our goal was to produce a vacuum tube amp that sounds awesome, looks great, and will outlast its owner. We believe the BlueTube amp meets all 3 of our objectives. This is a piece of equipment that wont end up in a land fill someday, but will be passed down through generations.

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Sounds like an admirable enough goal to me. What are you waiting for? Go get’em here.

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