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Kickstart This: Boombot REX—Small and Badass

Boombox REX

Let me introduce you to the Boombot REX from The Boombot REX is apart of what they’re calling the ultraportable Boombot collection. A salute to the king of dinosaurs, the Boombot REX mimics the thump of the T-Rex’s footsteps as it ruled the land. With revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip, the Boombot allows you to stay connectedto your friends and your music, while keeping your phone safely in your pocket. The Boombot REX connects to iPods, smartphones, tablets and laptops using wireless Bluetooth technology. Stream music, change tracks, and answer, end, or deny phone calls on the fly. The Boombot is built to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle so you can bring music to where you enjoy it most.

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Boombox REX

Check out the video below and then hurry and grab one of these babies here and get to groovin’.

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