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Kickstart This: Transparent Speaker by People People

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Kickstart This: Transparent Speaker by People People

I'm a sucker for minimalist design. Dieter Rams said it best, “Good design is as little design as possible” and this Transparent Speaker by People People hits it out of the park.

The speakers are built with premium audio components. A 6.5-inch subwoofer provides a solid low end, while two 3-inch full range drivers provide crisp highs as well as everything in between.

Its built-in power amplifier also has embedded digital signal processing (DSP) that ensures a full and balanced sound on par with other speaker systems in its category. A standard 1/8 inch auxiliary jack on both the front and the back allow for easy input to the speaker.

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There's also a powered USB socket, which allows a Bluetooth or WiFi dongle so you can make your Transparent Speaker a wireless audio component compatible with nearly any audio setup. It also plays nice with Apple’s AirPlay… if you're into this—go Kickstart it.


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