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LA Receives A New Home For EDM Plus Free Download

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LA Receives A New Home For EDM

Some pretty fun news for those of you EDM culture lovers living in and around the LA area. Our friends at Mixmag have gotten the word that SBE Nightlife recently acquired some new real estate. The LA club, Vanguard will now be used to run dance events in partnership with Insomniac Events. Sound intriguing?

With its Insomniac partners it’s looking to become the flagship EDM club in Los Angeles, of which there are less than few. If you’ve never graced Vanguard’s doors with your presence before, the place is pretty huge, boasting over 20,000 square feet of interactive indoor and outdoor spaces. Another fun fact? The club will also be the proud owner of the largest LED screen in Hollywood. Sounds like a definite EDM party to me. Thomas Gold is set to kick things off on New Years Eve, pointing 2013 in the right direction. If you’d like to find out more check it out here.

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