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Music Review: Namito “Invites” EP, Volume 2 via Systematic Recordings

Systematic Recordings was started in 2004 by tech-house great, Marc Romboy. The label has since pumped out steadfast, quality tracks by veterans such as Booka Shade, Gui Boratto, John Dahlback, Stephen Bodzin and Blake Baxter. Additionally, the label has provided a home for lesser known but undoubtedly talented names like Namito, whose collaborations are the basis for Systematic's “Invites” series. Volume one included co-produced tracks with Pier Bucci, Pig&Dan and Argenis Brito, and this second round contains a similarly impressive roster. Ramon Tramon Tapia, Sasse, Tom Clark and Argenis Brito to present a selection of new original work.

Music Review: Namito “Invites” EP, Volume 2 via Systematic Recordings

The EP is comprised of 4 tracks: “Attack,” “Decay,” “Sustain,” “Release.” Hardly an original concept, but well executed. The opener is a collaboration with Venezuela's Argenis Brito (of Cadenza and Mobilee fame): bouncy, straight forward tech-house with a percussive vocal sample insistently demanding the listener “Get closer.” This rolls ceaselessly into “Decay,” with Ramon Tapia. There seems to be a bit more space in this track; a sparse beat punctuated with a memorable melody and—you guessed it—more anonymous human sounds as rhythmic elements. “Sustain,” a collaboration with Sasse, opens a more aggressive chapter in the EP—the first track to break up the straight four-to-the-floor rhythm, here is where things start to get dark and jacking. This is the standout on the album. “Release” (a digital exclusive) closes things out with an acidic groove with Tom Clark.

Though not as “fierce and forward thinking” as Systematic's self description might lead one to believe, “Namito Invites Volume Two” is a warhorse of solid tech-house. While some of the tracks feel a bit redundantly loop-based, and nothing is really a musical epiphany, the entire album is effective in its groove, and timeless in the sense that all of these songs can be dropped anonymously into a set for breathing room, or as building blocks. They may not be the star at the top of the Christmas tree, to speak in a seasonal metaphor, but they are strong branches. You can pick the EP up now via Beatport.

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