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Sad State Of EDM Culture: DJ Shadow Kicked Off The Decks at Miami’s Mansion

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Sad State Of EDM Culture: DJ Shadow Kicked Off The Decks at Miami’s Mansion

You may have heard already that DJ Shadow was kicked off the decks while playing at Mansion in Miami. It happened on Friday night while he was there for his All Bases Covered tour. Call me crazy, but the bottle popping douchebaggery typically found at the South Beach hotspot doesn’t really mix well with Shadow’s sonic sensibilities. I’ve been to Miami a bunch, but only during WMC time, but I can’t imagine the club is a whole lotta different the rest of the year.

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Earlier this year the same shit happened to Dennis Ferrer while he was playing at Mansion for “not playing commercial” enough. The booker at the club needs to pull their head out of his ass and procure talent that’s right for the night. Just because DJ Shadow has 662,891 Facebook likes compared to, say, Sidney Samson’s 103,594 likes or DJ Arty’s 114,620 likes (both have played the club this month) doesn’t mean you’re booking someone that’s going to be six times more popular than those two guys. If booking talent off name recognition alone was the only qualifying factor for holding down a job like this than, well, anyone—regardless of knowledge and experience—could do what you do. Almost like digging a ditch…which is pretty much what this person did by booking Shadow on a Friday night.

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