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The Flat Bombox by Hannes Harms

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The Flat Bombox by Hannes Harms

It might look like a cheese grater, but don’t be fooled. For anyone who has ever had to lug speakers around, here comes a welcome relief. Hannes Harms has developed The Flat Bombox made out of a single sheet of .5mm thick acid-etched stainless steel. Yes, an actual boom box. The secret to creating sound is the flat-film speaker component hidden inside the sheet. The best part: the entire boombox can be sent in a flat envelope.

Harms made the boom box as part of his final project at London’s Royal College of Art. The speakers not only revolutionize the size, but also the amount of materials, and shipping costs, associated with traditional boomboxes. The boom box is also made of 100% recyclable materials (who ever said going green wasn’t cool?). No word yet on when, or if, these boomboxes will be available to the general public, but we can’t wait to test out the sound if we ever get our hands on one.

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The Flat Bombox by Hannes Harms

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