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“The Mixtape”—Keeping Analogue Memories Alive By Way Of A 16 Track Live Mashup

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Being a child of way back when I have a pretty high level of nostalgic romance when it comes to magnetic recordings on tape. You know, the cassette tape. Not that I bust them out any more… I download, drag, drop and burn on a daily basis using fancy digital machines. What's up technology. It's hard to believe that it's been 50 years since the first cassette tape was made.

“The Mixtape”—Keeping Analogue Memories Alive By Way Of A 16 Track Live Mashup

Tip of the hat to the Philips Company of the Netherlands for inventing the damn thing. Where would EDM culture be without you? Probably not as far along as it is today, the cassette tape turned me on to so many DJs in the early Nineties it's incredible. Next to parties, it was my primary mode of discovery.

In an attempt to keep those analogue memories alive, Ithaca Audio paid some homage to the fading format by way of a 16-track live mashup performed on a 23 year old Tascam 1” tape machine. Pretty sweet, check it out:

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BTW, Ithaca Audio creates bespoke audio for both large and small projects for companies like Visa, Guinness, Saatchi & Saatchi, Red Bull, Nestle

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