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Twitt Talk: Al Walser vs. EDM Culture—Let It Out. "Please Tell Me This Is Borat" -Morgan Page

Twitt Talk: Al Walser vs. EDM Culture—Let It Out

Oh man, is the world of EDM having a heaping heart attack today, and with good reason. By now, I think most of the world, or at least those in the world who follow and/or are apart of EDM culture have heard the name “Al Walser”. It’s been spread around like one of the great plagues since it was uttered last night alongside the names Avicci, Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia as a finalist in the Best Dance Recording category for the Grammys. Just like the plague, no one saw it coming, no one knows what it is (and I say it because really that is the best way I can think to describe this guy) and most of all, no one wants it there. Also just like the plague, there seems to be no way to get rid of it quickly. There are enough “WTF’s” going around to fill Canada to the brim with curse words, and enough criticism toward the Grammys to please even the most hateful anti-mainstreamer. In short, everyone is upset, and I’m here to deliver some of the best comments/criticism blazing through the web. It won’t change anything, but it will in the least solidify the fact that you are not alone in your confusion suspicion. Much like the famous scene in The Patriot, we stand together and fight. Now, read some good old pissed-off comments, bits from’s piece on the guy and more. Enjoy, and feel more than free to add something of your own.

People Speaking Out
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And from Al Walser's "I Can't Live Without You" Music Video:

People Speaking Out

Click here for the link to the site displaying his book if you happen to find yourself out of ammo, although I think that may be highly unlikely.

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