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Want: DIY Speakers Kit

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I’ll admit, I’m not the handiest of handy types when it comes to building stuff and fixing things. Breaking shit, no problemo—I got you. I'm sure I'm not alone; the idea of assembling your Christmas present might no speak to everyone out there. But then again, perhaps I’m wrong. I don’t like building stuff, but here I am lusting over this DIY speaker kit. The kit comes with a custom designed amplifier called the Uber Amp 9000 and all of the components you need to make your own set of speakers out of any material. How does it work? The website tells me that it’ll take about 2 hours to solder and make your speakers—depending on how creative you get with the construction. The offer a handy how–to manual for download that’ll show you how to solder and attach the exciters and basically help you along from A to Z. Pick the kit up here.

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