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Want: Museum Neu X Kazuki Kuraishi Joy Division T-Shirt and More

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Japanese clothing brand Museum Neu recently reached its fifth anniversary, and to celebrate, they made special items paying tribute to the bands that inspire them. The Joy Division line was created in conjunction with Kazuki Kuraishi. Kuraishi was inspired by the angst and lyrics found in their song “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” and used that to create simple lines for the clothes.

Fashion connoisseurs Hypebeast feature the line of Joy Division-inspired t-shirts, jackets, and pillows, all of which are done in combinations of black, white and grey. Our personal favorite is a white t-shirt with a picture of the band practicing in TJ Davidson’s rehearsal rooms in Manchester. It’s a candid picture that really captures the spirit of the band and the city.

Joy Division achieved cult status in their short career as the first band in the post-punk movement. They emphasized mood and expression over anger and outlandish energy, which helped them develop their characteristic dark, emotional, sound. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was the band’s first chart hit and peaked at #13 in the UK. The band re-formed as New Order following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis and gained gained prominence in the 1980s for incorporating dance music into their style.

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You can purchase the complete Museum Neu x Kazuki Kuraishi Joy Division Capsule Collection on Hypebeast here.

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