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Want: Thumpers "Boombox With Style" by Curious Provisions


As music lovers, we’re all constantly looking out for the things that make the ways we listen to our music better, cooler, faster, or all of the above. Well, I’ve found a little something for those of you who want a little spice in your listening device: they’re called Thumpers (made by Curious Provisions), and they’re one-of-a-kind rechargeable boomboxes made from vintage suitcases and authentic hi-fi speakers. Very much like the Case of Bass speakers we featured a while back.

How does it work? Turn the Thumper on and press “play” on any mobile device or laptop—which is  connected via an included MP3 auxiliary cable. Most Thumpers come with volume, bass and treble controls mounted on the side. They can be recharged after around 8 hours of playtime using the included battery charger. You can also use a bluetooth adapter to stream music wirelessly or turn any Thumper into a guitar amp using the iRig adapter accessory (sold separately).


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