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Badly Drawn EDM DJS…In Awkwardly Awesome Situations

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Badly Drawn EDM DJS…In Awkwardly Awesome Situations

What do you know; wasting some time on Tumblr didn't turn out to be a wash after all. Many many reasons why we're infatuated with all things EDM culture here at Magnetic, fandom tho, that's the stuff of gold. We say the more extreme the better.

Robin Scootaloo, the one responsible for these here doodles, has some fandom running through her veins. Not cuckoo over-the-top-ness, but something to appreciate nonetheless. We bet her school notebooks are pretty awesome. And we really appreciate the fact that she just set up a website and takes random requests from people and that said requests are typically awkwardly awesome. Requests like the one for the above photo:

Can you draw Anton and I at our wedding and Skrillex is the priest and out of no where he gets his hair on fire. And draw Joel and Kat making fun of Hugo while he cries in the corner.

Most all of the requests are pretty sweet, even the most innocent ones—tho those ones are harder to come by.

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Draw Sonny and Joel meeting for the first time but theyre both naked.

Can you draw Sonny in a floaty at a pool with Zedd on Porters shoulders. Chicken fighting with Dillon on Joes shoulders please? :)

Make one with Joel, Skrillex and Kat battling Knife Party and David Guetta.


If you appreciate a simple doodle stop by her site and have a browse. Tip of the hat to the Internet for making Badly Drawn EDM DJs possible. Best thing of the day so far...

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