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Daft Punk: To Tour Or Not To Tour in 2013?

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Daft Punk: To Tour Or Not To Tour in 2013?

If you're Daft Punk fan all these rumors must be killing you. The supposedly "leaked" Daft Punk tune back in November.  The rumors about them playing Coachella. The upcoming album, which is the only thing that seems certain at this point—Nile Rodgers kinda broke that with Mixmag.  The Thomas Bangalter tease—aka him re-issuing his solo EP.  When they popped up on The Simpsons. It's driving us a bit nuts.

But the tour, why would they release an album and not go on the road? They're only human after all and it's not like they're going to cash in on album sales. Touring is how artists make money. And music licensing, but that's not even what it once was.

So here's to hoping Rob da Bank is wrong when he was quoted in a recent article saying, "There's all kinds of crazy rumours flying about at the moment about Daft Punk at Coachella...We got told months ago that Daft Punk were definitely not touring next year, but it keeps the rumour mill going."

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And to properly keep the "rumor mill" in motion, da Bank posted this on his Twitter:


Is it driving you crazy yet?

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