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Diplo, A Semi-Naked School Teacher And A Trending Campaign


Oh man, we've got some serious business happening in the EDM world today, one of the biggest stories involving one high school teacher, some semi-naked photos, and the one and only Diplo. Now, if you haven't already heard the details of this scandalously fabulous story well, I'm here to give you the details: Last night, Diplo did something very naughty; he retweeted a picture of one 23-year old High School math teacher Carly McKinney striking her best "Express Yourself" pose. Now, express yourself, in Diplo's version involves an array of sky-high booty, very little clothing and some very lucky walls. Carly McKinney posted some photos onto Twitter doing exactly that: expressing herself in some very compromising positions, and let's just say that clothes weren't exactly on her little photo shoot's agenda. Now that's all fine and good, Diplo gets a bazillion photos every day of girls doing exactly what Ms. McKinney did. Only problem? Ms. Mckinney does happen to bea High School Math teacher, like I mentioned before, and Diplo did happen to retweet her rousing displays of affection. The outcome? Her indefinite suspension from teaching at Overland High School, Colorado.

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The persona she was tweeting under was "Crunk Bear," and in light of the events  some of her students (and fans) began standing up for her on Twitter in her grave time of need and started the #FreeCrunkbear campaign to get McKinney back into the classroom. After realizing what was going on, Diplo joined in on the movement as well, with every intention to get it trending. According to the 9News reports, some of McKinney's students don't think she should be punished for what she does on her own time. Although they all agree that what she did was not smart, some of the teachers think she should not be fired, either.

Its a teacher thats only five or six years older than our oldest students, an Overland High School student named Shaun told 9News. So we kind of relate to her on a personal level.

As you can imagine, McKinney's twitter account has been deleted, and whether Ms. McKinney ever returns to the classroom is yet to be decided, but the battle definitely rages on. Check the video below and post using hashtag #FreeCrunkbear to lend your support!

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