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EDM Culture Everywhere: deadmau5 Cameo In The Latest Soundgarden Video

Following on from last year's Grammy performance with the Foos and the Mau5, Deadmau5 has made a cameo in the latest Soundgarden video directed by Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl. The video surrounds Soundgarden booting a very stereotypical laptop DJ off the stage in favour of their raucous brand of rock music. As you can guess,  madness ensues and soon a police chase breaks out with the band eventually getting pulled over by none other than everyone's favourite Zimmerman himself. It's hilarious, and also badass. By the way, if you're a rock fan and haven't gotten tickets for the premiere of Grohl's documentary Sound City at the Cinemara Dome in Hollywood tomorrow night check out the Foo Fighter's Facebook page to find out how to win them! And in the meantime, watch Soundgarden's video and spot the mau5!


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