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Event Recap: Pierce Fulton, Audien & Jesse Felluss at Santos Party House

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Welp… looks like we found one of our new favorite spots to party at in the big city. Santos Party House was off the hook in every way possible this past Saturday night, ranging from music to vibes to birthday cupcakes … yes, cupcakes. This was all complemented by scores of beautiful women flooding the club. It was the complete and perfect club experience I was searching for. Santos teamed up with Electric Beach NY to bring Pierce Fulton and Audien together for a night that shall be remembered by all in attendance.

Event Recap: Pierce Fulton, Audien & Jesse Felluss at Santos Party House

Upon arrival at the club I really did not know what to expect considering it was my first time going to the venue as well as working with these companies. I was definitely surprised by what I encountered once my friends and I hopped out of the cab… utter madness. Lafayette Street was packed with partygoers eager to get inside and start their night. It was comparable to a crazy night at LAVO or Cielo and I truly did not think Pierce would bring out a crowd that heavy. It was insanity. At one point the entire line shutdown completely and people weren’t aloud in for quite some time. Mind you, I mean that in no disrespect to Pierce considering he has been on my radar for nearly a year now and I consider myself a pretty big fan of his. I believe he is one of the most talented and skilled musicians in the game right now but I was still taken back by the crowd that showed up.

Once my friends and I weaseled our way up to the door and talked to the doorman we got in with relative ease and the fun began. When we got into the club New York based DJ, Jesse Felluss, was behind the decks and was warming the crowd up nice. This was the first time I have run into Jesse spinning and it was a great first experience. His versatility in bringing together the elements of progressive house and hip-hop served as a perfect warm up for the crowd to bounce around to and kick off the night. By the time Jesse wrapped up his set the place was packed and the crowd was ready for the headliners to rock the house for the rest of the night or morning, which ever one makes you feel better about what we do.


Next up on the decks was Audien, another fresh face for me to see work a crowd. I was surprised to find out that Audien was celebrating what I believe was his 21st birthday? Regardless, it was definitely his birthday because delicious cupcakes found their way out on to the dancefloor for all to eat in celebration. Either way, whatever his age is this young man can work it. He brought together a smooth yet hard hitting blend of trance and progressive. Additionally, he played a lot of new music compared to the standard top 40 that we’re all deafened by 90% of the time we go out—or maybe that’s just the shows I keep finding myself going to but either way its gotten old. Nonetheless, finding new music to vibe out to has become a pretty indescribable high for me. I love finding new music and I’m very happy that I came across Audien. He is someone I recommend we all keep our eyes on.

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The craziness only got crazier. Around 1:30 am Pierce hopped into the booth and he joined Audien for an epic back-to-back set to heat things up even more. I don’t know if that was planned or announced but I was shocked when it happened and I loved it. The boys put together a hard hitting set that dipped from trance to deep house to progressive. It was all over the place and it was full of refreshing music. Again, not that same top 40 hits. In all, it was a well-compiled set and it was clear the two vibed hard off of each other. I was also very happy to hear one of my favorite original productions by pierce, “Mr. Mime.” I considered my night complete after that point. I truly love that track.


Another bonus to the night was the fog that Santos blasted us with. I’ve recently noticed that good blinding fog is hard to come by lately. Santos definitely did not have that issue as they whited out the dancefloor countless times as ravers waved around the ever-notorious clubber glow sticks that were supplied. It was all just too perfect.

After some time into the back-to-back set Pierce took over the party by himself and didn’t let the fun stop until 4 a.m. As fans chanted for an encore the club had made very it clear the fun for the night was over. As some DJs in the spotlight are eager to get a move on with their lives after their shows, Pierce proved to be completely opposite. As security was yelling for all the fans to clear out Pierce stayed for a few extra minutes to take photos with fans. I had the pleasure of walking out of the club with him and his crew as we discussed the night and he seemed sincerely humbled by all of the complements thrown his way. He said, “It was a great night that was a lot of fun” as we walked out. As we went our separate ways I couldn’t help but see him stop on the side of the street to get some classic New York “street meat” with fans all around after leaving the office after a night of work. Nothing more than a genuine guy and newly born New Yorkahh. Always a great thing to see. If you ever see Pierce Fulton, Audien, or Jesse Felluss headed to perform in a city near you I highly recommend you find a way to get yourself there. Believe me it'll be worth your time and money. They be legit.


Photos by Greg DiFazio and Kim Preston

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