Event Recap: Steady, Kelly Dean, CRNKN, Getter, AC Slater, 12th Planet and Special Guest Skrillex Take Over Control


Some interesting things happened at the Avalon this past weekend when Steady, Kelly Dean, CRNKN, Getter, AC Slater and 12th Planet came and had a little party with everyone who chose to brave the rain and head on out. At around the 11 p.m. the bulky line outside the place said it all; despite the rain, people were up for a good night. Now I know that people dress up nicely to go out, especially the girls, but Friday night the girls of Hollywood seemed to have all gotten the same memo: look as fine as your closet will allow. I'm honestly surprised there weren't many accidents around the Hollywood and Vine area, because the girls that were heading to the Avalon were dressed to kill; score one for the men folk.


Inside, there were twice as many guys as there were girls, and although the girls that were there were dressed to the nines, it still didn't change the fact that the place was a bonafide sausage-fest. CRNKN was in the spotlight as we shimmied our way to the front of the dance floor, as tradition dictates. There were several things happening on the floor simultaneously while CRNKN was laying into the crowd: First, there were at least two clean-cut collar guys dancing as if they'd had a some pancakes with their adderall. Second, there was a girl lone-twerking the stage, or really the beams that held up the stage in a manner that had us questioning if this was in fact the gymnasium of our old high school. Don't worry though, because lone-twerking girl eventually got some company from the adderall brothers I mentioned earlier, only they took things one step farther: they started showing off their moves under the stage. Yup, under those high-rising beams they went, an interesting mix of pride and joy on their faces. Well, at least they were having fun, right? AC Slater went on around twelve, bringing the heat, literally. Things got so hot during his set that the good people of the Avalon had to set off the dry ice, which is why in the video below of Slater's set things all of a sudden blur into a rainbow on crack for a good minute. Well, it did feel good, despite that slight taste of three month old cotton candy, its worth the price for the cool-down in the end. The room was bumpin' by 12:45, people were happy, and so was Slater. "Aw look at that smile," someone commented from the crowd; it was hard not to, he flashed it every time he looked up. Clearly, he was enjoying himself, which of course the crowd reflected right back, albeit sometimes in strange ways; one man insisted on screaming "AC Slater" at the top of his lungs at him every ten minutes. I mean I'm not sure of the motivation, maybe it was a friendly reminder, or maybe he just had so much happiness inside he had to let it out in two perfect words, I don't know. Either way, he was showing some love, and far be it from me to judge a man's portrayal of love for his music.

12th Planet officially hit the stage at about 1, although he'd been around throughout the night, making his way onto the stage now and then to hold up the SMOG sign and a big smile. If AC Slater brought the heat, 12th Planet brought the hype; he started out by throwing out several signs with pictures of his face and such out to the crowd for them to hold up. And so, armed with an army of people jacked up enough to reenact the famous scene from Braveheart, John Dadzie dropped it. More and more members of the SMOG crew joined him up on stage as he went at it; the vibes were up, drinks were up, and girls were definitely up, especially after Dadzie stated:

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Come on guys, dont be scared to ask all of these beautiful girls to dance.

So I suppose the guys actually took it a step farther and got them on their shoulders, and at one point one girl sort of flew across the room. Point is, the boys stepped up their game, the girls were happy and the place was loud. At about 1:15, Dadzie announced the impromptu arrival of Skrillex onto the stage. The crowd screamed, people surged forward and the games began. You know how they say good things happen when you least expect it? Well, I'm pretty sure most of the people in the house hadn't expected to get the full night that they did. Dadzie and Skrillex went back to back, playing old and new tracks, delivering banger after banger. Time flew by in a mess of dry ice, loud tunes, good (and bad) moves and 12th Planet heads making their ways around upraised hands. 12th Planet and Skrillex's set ended with Skrillex giving it up for his friend, telling everyone that:

If it werent for John, Dubstep would not be in L.A. today, so give it up for him.

It was a straight party from doors open till the wee hours of the morning, one of those where the rain isn't even a slight issue when you finally leave the club and head back home. Unless you're one of the unfortunates that have to walk about six years to your car, then it's an issue. Once you reach the car you're happy again, though. So, all in all, a great, unexpected night. Another top-notch memory for the Avalon's long and detailed books. Peep some video of the night below, and as always, carry on...


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