Exclusive Download: Andy Caldwell Cover Of “Sing It Back” by Moloko Plus Interview


Exclusive Download: Andy Caldwell Cover Of “Sing It Back” by Moloko Plus Interview

Andy Caldwell is a true EDM culture jack of all trades who has been honing his craft for 14 years. He writes music, he produces, he's a classically trained pianist and trumpeter, a remixer, DJ and a label owner—of the recently re-launched Uno Recordings. The man has received many accolades and honors over the years, but we predict 2013 will be one of the most successful yet for Los Angeles-based Caldwell. Especially if his most recent output, which sees him stepping away from a more underground deep house sound, is any indication of what's to come. Having spent a good chunk of the last part of 2012 holed up in his studio, he's recently dropped a few new remixes and singles. There's a remix of Delerium’s new single “Days’ Turn Into Nights” and another for Major Lazer “Jah No Partial” as well as Paul Oakenfold, JES and Christian Burns “As We Collide.” Original wise, he just released “Where Did You Go,” a track he made with Morgan Page and Jonathan Mendelsohn, which you can get here and his new new single “We Are The Future” with Angela McCluskey should drop soon via Nettwerk.

Then there's our personal favorite, a cover Caldwell made with Michael Teixeira and Lisa Donnelly of Moloko's 1998 tune "Sing It Back." What a huge hit that was. I still hear it out from time to time and imagine we'll all be hearing it a lot more now too. Even better we've got it here for you as a free EDM download.

So there you go, more than a few reason's why Caldwell is primed for an amazing 2013. We read that guy logs about 200,000 miles a year bouncing around the globe entertaining dancefloors. Wonder if he'll break that this year? Hard to imagine… but it did inspire us to ask him a few questions about being on the road. For our Los Angeles readers, Caldwell is playing at Monday Night Social this coming Monday. We'll be there, maybe we'll see you there. if you'd like to join us, go here to RSVP for free.

Do you have a favorite airline?

I wouldn’t really call them my favorite, just that more often than not United Airlines gets me where I need to go in relative comfort.

Are there any airlines you won’t fly?

I try and avoid airlines that nickel and dime you for everything, Ryan Air, Easy Jet are among the worst!

Do you make a right or left when get on a plane?

Well, I usually get a first class upgrade as I’m a long time 1K elite flyer on United. Although lately since they merged with Continental I’ve found myself sitting in coach from time to time. All good though, as long as I get to my destination!

What’s your drink of choice?

Coffee! It’s a daily ritual, I grind my beans fresh every morning. Love the smell and flavor of it; get’s me off on the good foot! I indulge in the ultra high end on occasion as well; Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle are my top favs on the west coast.

What items do you always take with you on the road?

I pretty much pack my bag the same every trip, I make adjustments depending on the season but I’ll always have at least 2 changes of fresh underwear, socks, pants, shirts and board shorts. Also, my laptop, headphones, assorted chargers of which I have duplicates that never leave my suitcase, a couple of cliff bars or raw trail mix and my essential toiletries!

Do you read books on the road? What are you reading right now?

I try to, but it’s hard to find a book that really captures my attention. I’m currently reading Racing in The Rain. A book about life from a dogs perspective, really clever and I absolutely love dogs.

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Do you have any pets? What do they do while you’re on the road?

I’ve got a little dog that is obsessed with me—or rather I’m obsessed with her. She travels with me quite a lot, she’s been all over the US, NYC, Vegas, San Francisco, Texas you name it she’s probably been there. I’d like to take her to Ibiza this summer, we’ll see!

Dogs hear things we can’t. That’s pretty cool. How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?

Smooth like silk, lush like velvet, interesting and rough like a tree limb

What have you learned about yourself from being on the road and touring?

I’ve learned that I have to be continually grateful for the opportunity to get paid to play music for people. Never lose sight of that, it’s the fans that are your lively hood in this business and without them, you’re nothing.

Which do you prefer, a smoky, low-lit club or a big stage with bright lights and colored gels? Please explain.

Lately I’m liking the big stage, bright lights, massive sound experience! I was an underground DJ for so many years I think I got my fill of small, smoky rooms.

How much of your set changes from gig to gig?

Constantly changes, I am an old school DJ and never do anything premixed or synced. I mix all my set’s live using Serato and until recently controlled it with vinyl discs. I gave up though as so many venues just aren’t equipped with proper turntables so now I use CDJ’s to control my Serato system.

Do you have an adventurous palette? What the craziest thing you’ve eaten on the road?

I do actually; I’m a bit of a foodie! I’ll try just about anything and I especially love hot and spicy dishes. One of my favorites is just a simple street taco de lengua, which is Spanish for cow tongue. I grew up in Mexico and eating these reminds me of my childhood. Instantly!

How, if at all, is being on the road conducive to your creative process?

Traveling takes a huge toll on the creative process, it’s hugely challenging to remain creatively inspired while touring. I rarely feel inspired while sitting in an airport or over the ocean heading off to some far off land. I’ve found though, that if I immediately throw myself into the studio upon my return home, there’s a massive surge of creative energy that comes out. The challenge is to find the discipline to jump into the studio and be in one room, one place for a few days. It’s a very different environment than touring!

Do you have any photos from the road you’d like to share with Magnetic readers?

Check my Instagram page...I’m continually updating it with my adventures across the planet.

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BTW, here's a collection of original tunes and remixes Caldwell has worked on over the last year.

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