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Exclusive Stream: Pyramid "Wolf" via Kitsuné

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Exclusive Stream: Pyramid "Wolf" via Kitsuné

The third chapter for Kitsuné Parisien will be out February 4th. If you're not familiar with the compilation's theme, Kitsuné plays tastemaker by hand selecting fellow French artists that they feel are due for big things. It's basically a good slice of what's happening in EDM culture in and around Paris right now. Pyramid fits that bill perfectly. He's a 22 year old Paris based student that makes music in between his classes. Music like this..

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Other artists featured on the upcoming comp include FAUVE, Saint Michel, BeatauCue, LOGO and Le Crayon. 14 tracks in all. BTW, if you missed the minimix by Jerry Bouthier for Kitsune Parisien 3 you can check it out here.

Kitsune Parisien 3 Tracklisting:

01. TOYS – “Noise”
02. Pyramid – “Wolf”
03. CINEMA – “UV”
04. You – “Color”
05. Dombrance – “Donna”
06. Le Crayon – “Cosma”
07. LOGO – “Give Mo Luv” (feat. eLBee BaD) (Boston Bun remix)
08. Joris Delacroix – “Air France”
09. Monsieur Monsieur – “Arym”
10. BeatauCue – “Teion”
11. Synapson – “Phenomena”
12. FAUVE – “Kané”
13. Saint Michel – “Don’t Bother”
14. Superpoze – “Transylvania” (digital bonus)

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