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Free Download: Anja Schneider "Bermuda at Watergate" 2 1/2 Hour Set

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Free Download: Anja Schneider "Bermuda at Watergate" 3 Hour Set

So a little while back there was a pretty amazing party. What we imagine to be one anyway. It was a Mobilee vs. Souvenir thing in Berlin and the line up looked something like this:

Tiefschwarz [Souvenir]
Anja Schneider [Mobilee]
Sebo K [Mobilee]
Re.You [Souvenir]
Ray Okpara (live) [Mobilee]
Chris Wood & Meat [Souvenir]
Kenny Leaven [Souvenir]
Strangers In Heaven (live) [Souvenir]
Maher Daniel [Souvenir Plus]

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There's a reason why Anja Schneider (Mobilee co-founder, btw) travels the world playing some of the most renowned clubs (think Fabric, Fuse, Rex, Goa Madrid and Watergate) and this is one of them right here. Two and a half hours of house music fun. Enjoy the free download…

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