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Free Download: Carretta & Workerpoor “Peel” & “Subtle Knife” Featuring Louisahh

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Free Download: Carretta & Workerpoor “Peel” Featuring Louisahh

Oh damn, this is some fine ass techno right here. Lifted off the upcoming Space Factory EP by Carretta & Workerpoor, both “Peel” and “Subtle Knife,” featuring Louisahh on vocals, have all the right ingredients for late night revelry. It's dark, slightly apocalyptic and its tough-edged, machine like timbre swells and morphs around Louisahh’s vocals with hypnotic effect. Simply put, this sounds two steps ahead of most and is without doubt a “lose-yourself-at-four-in-the-morning” dancefloor monster. Tip of the hat to all involved on this.. hope you enjoy the download as much as we are.

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