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Free Download: Clockwork Gives Away 30K Bootleg Pack In Honor Of 30K Fan Likes


Here’s a nice piece of news for ya’ll today from the Dancing Astronaut: Clockwork is giving away a special bootleg pack to celebrate his 30,000 fan likes on his Facebook page. The LA-based producer jumped into the dance scene in 2011 and hit the 30,000 milestone yesterday. The producer is most known for his mash-ups and remixes, and decided to give away his 30k Bootleg Pack to help celebrate the occasion. We heard his 15k Bootleg Pack back in September and now we will expect an entertaining remix compilation every time the producer gains another 15,000 fans. This time, he mashes up some of the biggest tracks of 2012 with some underground surprises, creating hard-hitting outputs ready for the dance floor. Clockwork gives tracks like Usher’ s “Climax” and Deadmau5’ s “Veldt” an entirely new power that will carry on into the new year.

Check out the free download here.

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