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Free Download: Fracx "Thoughts

Free Download: Fracx "Thoughts

“Thoughts” is one of those emotion-generating songs that make shivers run down your back as your arms begin to exude goose bumps. Every time I hear this kid I can’t fathom how someone so young and talented is not known to the world. From the reverse synth effects in the intro to the haunting piano melody in the break, this track is all quality. If you’re into melodic dubstep or just into beautiful harmonies then give this track a chance. If you like what you hear here, hit up his Soundcloud, he has many free downloads there as well some pretty amazing remixes. Here’s a little message from him to you:

Im leaving for a couple of months to Tonga and I wont be able to produce while I am there, not really sure when I will be back but I hope you guys will still be here when I am.

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