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Free Download: Greg Wilson Live NYE Mix—3 Hour Of Manchester Merrymaking at 2022NQ—Plus More Essential Mixes

Free Download: Greg Wilson Live NYE Mix—3 Hour Of Manchester Merrymaking at 2022NQ

Oh damn, this is what's up. So much style, so much grace and so much freaking' ground covered it’s incredibly impressive. Greg Wilson is like the sonic version of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Except he's not some fictional character, but I'm pretty damn sure there are quite a few DJs and music nerds that envy the man. Like the headline says, this is Greg Wilson live doing this thing for 3 hours on NYE in Manchester. Enjoy...

If the above mix is a bit too stuffy for your current EMD culture tastes (that’s cool, I get it), have you heard the Optimo mix, How to Kill the DJ [Part Two]? Optimo are kinda like Greg Wilson’s punk rock little brothers. The kind of DJs that aren’t afraid to punch you in the face to get their point across, but when they do they do it with so much style that, well, all you can do is thank them.

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Two great mixes above, each one waxing over many genres. But… if Greg Wilson sounds like your father and you’re more hipster than punk rock, check out 2 Many DJs’ mixed bag of ticks. The Ultimate Hang The D.J. Part 1 is pretty freakin’ great. It was the OG Radio Soulwax release. But it never really came out on an official level. Something like 100 were made as a promo for their album.

Ok, last mix I’m going to share with you today. Being Z Trip, this is a turntablist approach to the same idea as the mixes above. This is what put Z Trip on the map. Done on four turntables with partner DJ P, 100% vinyl set… no sync, no auto beat-matching or samples and effects thrown in. If you haven’t heard Uneasy Listening, Vol.1, hit play now.

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