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Free Download: Kitsuné Parisien III MiniMix By Jerry Bouthier

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Jerry Bouthier, part of the Kitsuné clan of merrymakers, delivers a really short, but a damn sweet mix for the Paris based imprint to promote the upcoming compilation, Kitsuné Parisien III. The new compilation, as with the other two in the series before this, was put together by Gildas (owner of the label) and his fellow graffiti artist André.

Free Download: Kitsuné Parisien III MiniMix By Jerry Bouthier

If you're at all curious what's happening EDM culture wise, who's starting to make some noize in the Parisian scene right now, Kitsuné Parisien III is a nice little snapshot of the current climate. The latest comp highlights blooming talents FAUVE, Saint Michel, BeatauCue, LOGO, Le Crayon and more.

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01. TOYS – “Noise”
02. Pyramid – “Wolf”
03. CINEMA – “UV”
04. You – “Color”
05. Dombrance – “Donna”
06. Le Crayon – “Cosma”
07. LOGO – “Give Mo Luv” (feat. eLBee BaD) (Boston Bun remix)
08. Joris Delacroix – “Air France”
09. Monsieur Monsieur – “Arym”
10. BeatauCue – “Teion”
11. Synapson – “Phenomena”
12. FAUVE – “Kané”
13. Saint Michel – “Don’t Bother”
14. Superpoze – “Transylvania” (digital bonus)

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