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Free Download: S-File January Guest Mix—Exclusive Magnetic Mix

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S-File, the man behind GND Records (home to artists like Shadow Dancer, Turbo Turbo, Sirkus Sirkuz, Paul Chambers, Sharooz, Shinichi Osawa and The Sneekers), is coming off a very good 2012—both DJ wise and for his imprint. The man has been at it for a while now, DJing and throwing parties since 1994, but has really seen things go from strength to strength over the last couple of years. Pretty much since the launch of GND Records and the fact that GND is responsible for a string of Beatport success stories. For some are solid points of reference check The Sneekers “Poly Poly,” “Turbo Turbo “Swab,” his own collaborations with Turbo Turbo, “Kluster” and “Headhunter” as well as his recent solo outtings, “Comfortably Numb” and  “Jack Your Body.” His new single “Remote Control” comes out on January 18th and also happens to be featured in this exclusive mix he put together for us, see below.

Music business is a very hard business. In this business you need a very long breath...

Is there a particular era or musician that has influenced you? If yes, how did you come upon it?

Hard to describe. So, I’m not the boy from the hip-hop or RNB side. I’m coming from the '80s. I grew up in the '80s to the sound of Gary Numan (The Pleasure Principle album is a mile stone in music history), OMD, Genesis, Human League, New Order, Joy Division, Bobby Orlando, Devo, Duran Duran and the real “Neue Deutsche Welle” with bands like Grauzone, Ideal, Abwärts, DAF, No More and of course the ska period with The Specials and Madness. You can see that my interest for electronic music started early.

Tell me about your most memorable night out.

As an artist, my last gig at the Womb club in Tokyo with my good friends from Turbo Turbo and Shinichi Osawa last August. This night was incredible. I never felt this energy in a club before. The crowd was screaming and singing to our own songs. Turbo Turbo and I had a studio session with Shinichi in his studio, and we did a great track together. I hope we can release them this spring. I'll never forget this time in Tokyo.

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As music lover, the concert of Genesis around 1992 I think. Amazing live show and my first time to hear all the good old classics live.

What life activities are made better when listening to music?

I love music, each kind of music. I'd listen to music the whole day if I could. In the car, at the office, when I’m cooking or cleaning my flat. When I listen to promos or demos that the people send to me, I take my time to listen to them in silence. I drink a coffee and relax in my chair... So I can find a good result to the tracks.

If you were to describe your sound as a scent, a signature fragrance as it were, what would it be called? What about a tagline?

"How Channel Number 5." A classic that never goes out of fashion...

If you were starting out now, would you do anything differently?

I think not. So, I learn the business from the ground up and I think everybody makes the same mistakes. But you must make those mistakes in order to not do them again. Music business is a very hard business. In this business you need a very long breath...

Tracklisting for S-File Guest Mix:
01. Hermans – Black Creek Acid (Extended Play)
02. Daniel Avery – Water Jump (Phantasy)
03. Dusky – Calling me (School)
04. S-File – Auxout (GND Records)
05. Vails – FSK (John Roman Remix) (La Bombe)
06. Turbo Turbo – Memories (GND Records)
07. Zombie Nation – Brownsville (Turbo)
08. Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride (Gunrose Remix) (Southern Fried)
09. S-File – Remote Control (GND Records)
10. Zinc – Overdrive (Rinse)
11. DJ Hyperactive – Wide Open (Len Faki Edit) (Figure)
12. Hugo Moya – Move (Relief)
13. Pilo - Trippin (Twin Turbo)
14. Shadow Dancer vs. Sirkus Sirkuz – Build (Turbo Turbo Remix) (GND Records)
15. Just Regular Guys – What we Do (GND Records)
16. Zombie Nation – Level (Turbo)
17. S-File – Comfortably Numb (GND Records)
18. Malente & Zero Cash – Jail Babe (No Brainer)
19. S-File – Jack Your Body (GND Records)
20. Boys Noize – Ich R U (Van She Remix) (BNR)
21. Letherette – Warstones (Ninja Tunes)

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