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Free Download: Stefano Ritteri "Nice Up your Pray" Mixtape—New EP via Pets Recordings Out Now

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Free Download: Stefano Ritteri "Nice Up your Pray" Mixtape

Stefano Ritteri's "Nice Up Your Dance" EP via Pets Recordings just dropped on the 14th and you can pick it up via Beatport now. Previously releasing crunked up house on the likes of dirtybird, Sound Pellegrino and Exploited under the Solo moniker, Stefano Ritteri new three track EP straddles the more exuberant edges of house with a skilled and serious production sensibility, and invites UK mainstays Jaymo and Andy George to perform remix duties. This is Stefano Ritteri’s first outing on the Polish label and has our tongues wagging. So does this mix he just put together. Good stuff from start to finish.. enjoy the EDM download.

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NR - Broken Toy
Jay Shepheard -Right Reason
Frankie Watch -Geirl - Nice 7 Remix
Cause Affect - Don't Like to do that
Stefano Ritteri - Nice up your Dance
Julien Chaptal - eat ya foe
Jesse Rose - Love the feeling high
Djuma Soundsystem - As I keep on - Rodriguez Jr. Remix
Adana Twins - Reaction ft. Digitaria
Simon Garcia - Control
Stefano Ritteri - The Partylife
Jimmi Hendrik -Acerbic sweetness
Stefano Ritteri - Let us Pray

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