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Free Download: Tosca "What If" featuring Sarah Carlier

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Free Download: Tosca "What If" featuring Sarah Carlier

Long time !K7 artist Tosca are gearing up for the release of Odeon, their 6th studio album and the few things we've heard so far sees the Viennese duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Hurber (that's Tosca) heading into new sonic territory. And we love it.

“There's a feeling in Vienna that is very special,” explains Tosca's Richard Dorfmeister.

It’s grey a lot of the time. But theres something exciting and inspiring about it as well, something very colourful. That contrast has definitely had an effect on our music. You know, a mixture of a downtempo vibe with something that is very positive.

Tosca's Rupert Huber also had a few things to say about the album and just release single, "What If." “The album is definitely a little darker than anything we've done before. It's mainly male vocalists. There are the moodier ambient tracks and then some songs with downbeat bluesy feel.”

"'What If' was the first track that we finished for Odeon. The song's basic idea—”what if this was not the case”—can serve as a layout for the whole album: what if noise was a song? What if the sound of the sea was a symphony? What if the ears could listen? The vocals of Belgian singer Sarah Carlier are an instrument like any other instrument on the track, as we always like to do. Every Tosca track is an architecture of sound, and the time of the clock turning into groove-time; Tosca-time. Music is the place where we like to be, where everything is possible, where anything can happen; what if the world was music?"

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The album’s name comes from the venue in Vienna where the duo debuted the new material in October. Apparently the performance kicked so much ass they decided to let it ride.


The final release will be presented in a deluxe two-disc version featuring said live perfomance of the album’s tracks plus a limited edition poster and a custom slipcase. Pre order here.

And here's the first song to be heard off the album...

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