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Get To Know Undeground Indian EDM Culture

Get To Know Undeground Indian EDM Culture

Indian music has been an inspiration to many electronic producers throughout the world. The infamous Goa- Psy- Trance scene has inspired artists from Above & Beyond who named their record label Anjunabeats after the Goan rave beach, Anjuna. Israeli duo, Infected Mushroom are also regulars in the Indian EDM scene. Many big name Indian DJs such as the likes of Nikhil Chinapa, Pearl, Midival Punditz have all emerged to be up and coming acts from the sub-continent's dance music scene. Festival like Sunburn has made India a huge International touring hot spot for DJs all over.

However, today I stumbled upon an interesting article which focuses on the Top 10 up and coming Indian producers of 2013. The article's main focus is to steer away the reader's attention from the big mainstream ( some of them mentioned above) and to dwell deep into the undergrounds of Indian electro infusing elements of classical eastern music with psychedelic and experimental sounds. Read the full story here.

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