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Holy Ship 2013: Another Epic Voyage for HARD’s legendary Party at Sea—Plus Mid Flight Chat With Gary Richards


Holy Ship 2013: Another Epic Voyage for HARD’s legendary Party at Sea—Plus Mid Flight Chat With Gary Richards

If you haven’t heard about Holy Ship yet then you are probably living under a rock or in some terrible place like Iowa or Nebraska. This year’s second annual voyage sold out almost immediately and YES, it lived up to the hype. With one event already under their belt the HARD team made sure 2013 was even better than the year before. With a private island, an incredible line up and a surprise guest by the name of Skrillex how could it not be epic? Magnetic was lucky enough to catch up with HARD’s Founder Gary Richards aka Destructo as he was flying home today (yeah, we did the interview with him on the plane) to get a few questions fired off. Enjoy.

So you just wrapped up the second year of Holy Ship, what were the big changes from 2012 that made 2013's voyage even better?

The main thing was the programing. I learned that the main stage should end then all the other venues / parties would start. This made sure that each show was well attended and always had solid crowds. In 2012 I did not know what each venue would look like with people in it. So this time around I understood how to make the whole trip better for the artists performing and the audience.

It's now quite obvious that you and the HARD brand team have set the gold standard with the Holy Ship cruise, are there any big plans for 2014?

The big plan is to make sure HARD SUMMER 13 the best show yet in LA. With a smooth entry process and the best electronic DJs from around the world right in our own backyard. In addition to continue on with the Day of the Dead theme, more smaller cool vibe events, and of course HOLY SHIP!!!

What were some of your favorite performances this year? And for all of us stuck at home, who was your big surprise guest?

There were so many amazing performances, but when I walked into the theater for Boys Noize set Saturday night it was pretty monumental. I saw Xavier and Gaspard from Justice up there behind the decks doing their thing. Boys Noize was on Gesaffelstein's shoulders plus Skrillex (the surprise guest) was jumping around with Brodinski and Diplo. Insanity!

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I thought there is no way life could be any better and just as I was thinking that Justice mixes my "Technology' jam with 'We Are Your Friends." I felt like “OK” if I die now all is cool with the world.

What are some of the biggest challenges in throwing a floating party like Holy Ship?

There are tons, but with a great team anything is possible. You’re essentially on a floating 16 floor hotel so if things go wrong your on your own at that point. The key to success is detailed planning and to have a really solid team.

Obviously you are not sleeping too much during this event. How do you stay sane or get some rest during this trip with all the work, DJing and merry making?

You’re right about the sleep but you don't think about it because there is so much going on and you don't want to miss any of it. You’re running on pure adrenaline the entire time.

Rumor is you went to a different Island this year, how did the new one stack up to the old one?

Well if you’re on a private island in the tropics chances are anyone of them is going to be amazing.

Any funny stories you can share with our readers? Names can be left out to protect the innocent.

Come to the next one and see for yourself. #HOLYSHIP!!!

All photos by Drew "Rukes" Ressler

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