Posso: "So High" Teaser—Our First Original Track Out Feb 6


I can clearly remember the first time I ever heard Led Zeppelin as a nine year old. My fender stratocaster-obsessed older brother had given me the Led Zeppelin IV album one day and I popped in my cd player; Barbie and Ken were chilling on my bedroom floor somewhere. "Black Dog" came blaring out like an animal attack on my entire body and my first instinct was to hide under my bed like I was four again, but I didn't. Part of me was scared, but I stood closer. That Jimmy Page guitar riff made me feel things that pop music, or any music for that matter, had never allowed me to explore. This shit was dark, aggressive, but hauntingly seductive. I stood closer just staring at the player getting trasnported to somewhere I wanted to go but wasn't quite sure how I was gonna get there. Glancing down at Barbie, I felt nothing. At that moment I was hooked. At that moment, everything changed.


Fast forward to sophomore year of high school, Vanessa and I are blaring Led Zeppelin II out of her car cruising around some very quiet, painfully boring, beautiful vineyard drenched road in Sonoma, California. The album had been purposefully stuck in there for 5 months on some major #repeat levels. This was our idea of entertainment. Later we probably cruised to my house, drank some stolen wine from my parent's cellar, sewed something up from the Goodwill while listening to some of the classic Chicago Blues masters that we had discovered via Zeppelin and The Stones, talking about boys we were cluelessly crushing on--this was a typical high school evening in the budding Posso Universe. Vanessa had a little tiny picture frame of Robert Plant by her bedside. It was like that.

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We got obsessed with Howlin Wolf (who Zeppelin ripped off frequently, not mad) Little Walter, Muddy Waters, and Wanda Jackson to name a few. My piano focus quickly turned from extreme classical to jazz and blues.

Watch Howlin' Wolf define the blues here... "Any time you thinkin' evil, you thinkin' about the blues..."

Check out all these original 60's hipsters at his legendary Newport Jazz Festival performance:

Here's a classic Zeppelin live performance where Robert quotes Howlin' Wolf's "Backdoor man."  Jimmy's outfit here just kills me:

Critics at that time used to call Zeppelin Heavy Metal! Interesting how at the time they were so hard it was blowing minds. To us electro house is a lot like the DGAF feeling we felt listening to the rawness of rock and blues back then. We write everything on our grand piano at home first and then take it to the studio, and everything we seem to write has that bluesy feel. Our first release "So High" is a testament to this Electronic Blues House vibe that we've created. Dramatic, passionate, sarcastic, tounge-in-cheek and hard as f**k :) We just think the club needs a little less cheesy vocal and a little more heart wrenching...realness.

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Getting lyrical...

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Home studio...

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You can find "So High" out on Boiler House Records exclusive on Beatport Feb 6th. Until then steal a listen from our teaser below...

xx Marylouise

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