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Read: A Hilarious Account of Pauly D's Set

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I start to wonder if Pauly didn’t make a deal with some kind of demonic force, but is himself said demonic force. The high-pitched synths, badly auto-tuned pop vocals and disgustingly over driven basslines are slowly starting to turn into an unending stream of sensory input that makes the space behind my eyes ache with every beat. Is this his secret? Does he wear you down until there is but a shell of a human being left, putty in his ridiculously tanned hands?

We all know by now how much fun it is to poke fun at DJ Pauly D and his um, skill set. Well, inthemix contributor Andrew Wowk outdid himself with this review of Pauly D's set in Australia this past weekend. If you liked that little quite from the review, check the rest here. And for your enjoyment, here's a video of the famous fist pump from Jersey Shore; it's mentioned in the review, so you might want a nice little visual to accompany the textual insults within. Enjoy!

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