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Review: Feed Me “Death by Robots” EP via Mau5trap

Review: Feed Me “Death by Robots” EP via Mau5trap

New electronic music here from Jonathan Gooch aka Feed Me. Gooch releases a 3-track EP titled “Death by Robots” on Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap yesterday and you can pick it up here. The EP consists of 12 and a half minutes of punchy basslines and computer blips that really express the versatility of heavier genres of electronic dance music as well as Feed Me’s ability to dip his toes in multiple musical pools. Beginning with the self-titled track and my personal favorite, “Death by Robots” begins with some piano and wastes no time dropping into a electro/disco-house/dubstep arrangement. What’s really unique about this track is the distorted computerized vocals used to sing a catchy hook. Definitely worth a listen for those who enjoy genre fusions.

“Gravel” is the song for all the electro-house/dubstep aficionados. This track is heavy on the grinding bassline and baroque-like arpeggios. I have always found classical music styles and heavier electronic dance music to work in odd correlations. In other words, I dig this track and I think you will too.

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One of the oddest songs I’ve heard in a while, “Dialup Days” is a minimal-esque electro composition that incorporates all the nostalgic sounds of dial up modems- remember those annoying sounds those things made? Well I would much rather hear this track over that any day. Overall, this EP is worthy of your attention.

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