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Review: Philipp Gorbachev "Hero of Tomorrow" EP via Cómeme—Plus Free Download

Review: Philipp Gorbachev "Hero of Tomorrow" EP via Cómeme

As its cheeky title suggests, Matias Aguayo's Cómeme ("eat me") label is something of a halfway house for techno's miscreants. Recent addition to the roster Philipp Gorbachev should feel right at home. Based in Moscow, Gorbachev is a time bandit who uses music as his storytelling medium.  On his latest sonic adventure, the Hero of Tomorrow EP, he chases shadows through industrial, no-wave, electro, and techno scenarios, trying to answer "Where Is Rony Douglas?" Occasionally he hits a dead end, but for the most part it's a giddy journey. Along for the vision quest are cohorts Aguayo, Alejandro Paz, and Daniel Maloso, but this is a tale Gorbachev can tell quiet well on his own.

Phlipp Gorbachev's "Hero of Tomorrow" EP was released via Cómeme Records on January 14th. Pick it up via iTunes here.

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