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Sub-Sub-Sub Genre Trap Rave Up And Coming?

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I read some interesting words on Trap music's recent boom to popularity in the EDM world. Perhaps mainstream popularity is the better way to describe it, either way, Trap has inevitably started to merge into the dance music scene, and vise-versa. The outcome? A sub-sub-sub (etc.) genre called "Trap-rave," which SPIN'S Brandon Soderberg nicely describes as mixing "the glitches, drops, and all-encompassing doom of Atlanta-rooted, strip-club, drug-deal stomp with post-everything thrills of Soundcloud refix culture."

Here are dance producers from all over the world stripping Atlanta-derived trap music for parts, including SMH-worthy sounds like gunshot percussion, and referring to this new music as trap. Its important to remind listeners that trap rap (and the trap as a physical space birthed by an endless, pointless drug war and a lack of options for the working class), is not something that should be sloppily co-opted. But it also seems doubtful that anybody out there is confusing trap rave — dance music that toys with the elements of trap-derived hip hop — with trap music. That just isnt happening. One wont replace the other. It is mostly an insensitive hipster redundancy.

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Check out the rest of Soderberg's words here, because they're good ones, and feel free to share your thoughts on the recent happenings in the Trap music world.

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