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Tonight: Watch Zedd Perform "Clarity" Live On Letterman

Tonight: Watch Zedd Perform "Clarity" Live On Letterman

People have been buzzing ferociously the past few days about the one and only Zedd performing his song "Clarity" alongside the talented vocalist Foxes live on Letterman tonight . Last Tuesday, he first shared the awesome news on his Facebook page:

2013 couldnt start any more epic for me! Im beyond stoked to announce that I will be performing a unique version of Clarity live on Letterman on Thursday, Jan 03!!!! It airs at 11:35 ET/PT on CBS !! TUNE IN!! :)

I might be wrong, but I think he's really excited, and he has every reason to be; his album Clarity was a huge success, with "Spectrum" reaching the no.1 dance song on the Billboard  2012 charts. His 2012 was filled with great shows, great fans and amazing memories. Now he gets to kickstart 2013 with a live performance on one of the most popular late-night shows around. Everyone was floored when the acoustic versions of both "Spectrum" and "Clarity" came out; with his background of classical repertoire it's really no wonder. Do yourself a favor and catch the performance tonight, CBS at 11:35 pm ET/PT just like the man said. Check out both acoustic versions below, you know, just as a warm up.

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Update: You can watch the performance here.

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