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Want: Boompack by Massimo Battaglia

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Want: Boompack by Massimo Battaglia

I'm not 100% sold on this Boompack for day-to-day usage, but there's been a few times when I've wanted (err, needed) a sound solution on the go and this looks like it'll do the trick with its eight way, 100 watts of speaker power. Other specs include built-in rechargeable battery with 6 hours of life, 32 GB internal memory, SD card expandable memory, USB plug, RCA plug and 6.35mm mic plug, Blutooth, a Smartphone internal docking station, Pico projector with 200 lumen luminosity and 100 degree orientable lens, front and back remote control, auto-sync to link up one or more Boompacks, it's impact and it's water resistant and light weight to boot. Calling all high tech street performers...

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