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Want: Capture Sound In A Bottle


Alright, I've got a cool little diddy to show you guys. You know all of that white noise that surrounds us everyday? You know, kids laughing, buses, birds, wind and all that jazz? For those of you who, like me, consider silence the loudest noise of all, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. We here at Magnetic love us some found sounds, so imagine our intrigue when we came across a product that can actually bottle the white noise around you. Oh yah, you read that correctly, this here thingy shown below can actually bottle all of that white noise up. The guy who came up with the idea is calling it the Sound Bottle, and according to them, it is the audio equivalent of "running around in a field in the summer collecting fireflies in a jar." This has Matthew Herbert written all over it.

Designed by Jun Fujiwara from Tama Art University, the bottle is simple in its usage but absurdly complex in its design which relies heavily on software to handle the recording, storing and playback of audio tracks.

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Source: Leveled Magazine

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