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Want: Dam Drum 2.0 by Stones Throw, Dam-Funk and Bleep Labs

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Want: Dam Drum 2.0 by Stones Throw, Dam-Funk and Bleep Labs

I'm a sucker for anything music and nerdy and this pretty much epitomizes both of those wants and needs. I'm not even a musician, but here I am lusting over this handheld drum machine and sequencer. It's called the Dam Drum and it's a collaboration between Stones Throw Records, Dam-Funk and the folks at Bleep Labs.


As the title says, this is version 2.0 (1.0 was released summer 2012), which basically translates into four new drum sounds—three based on the Roland R70 and a pitchable bass tone modeled after a Juno 106—with new buttons and a matte circuit board. It's all hand made and it's super limited—the thing doesn't even ship until January 21st and it's already sold out. Here's to hoping they make some more… I want it.

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BTW, if you missed the Stone's Throw podcast with Dam Funk, you can download it below. All the music was mixed live via the original wax pressings owned by DāM-FunK. No MP3s or borrowed music was used in the recording of the mix.

One of the most memorable of our podcast series was Dam-Funks 2008 all-gospel, boogie-funk mixtape Spiritual Flight. Were pleased to kick off 2013 on a positive note with Dams second volume. -Stones Throw

Tracklisting: Spiritual Flight Vol. II ~ A DāM-FunK Mix
(right click, save as to download)

1. PASSAGE ~ I See The Light ~ A&M | 1981
2. OMNI ~ Warriors ~ Mercury | 1984
3. THE YDOC's ~ It's Your Choice ~ Posiga | 1987
4. FEDERATION OF LOVE ~ You've Changed My Life ~ LVW | 1989
5. THE FORDS ~ He's My Closest Friend ~ Tyscot | 1986
6. THE KING's MEN ~ It's Testifying Time ~ BSS International | 1984
7. THE RANCE ALLEN GROUP ~ Can't Get Enough ~ Stax | 1980
8. THE RANCE ALLEN GROUP ~ It's Your Time ~ Myrrh | 1983
9. DONN THOMAS ~ Any Other Love ~ Myrrh | 1981
10. WHITE HEAT ~ Hold On ~ Myrrh | 1982
11. NORM CALVIN and the TRUTHSEEKERS ~ Faith Medley ~ TSM Records | 1986
12. D.J. ROGERS ~ I Told Him I Would Sing ~ Hope Song Records | 1982
13. LARNELLE ~ To Be Like Him ~ Benson Records | 1980
14. The FANTASTIC VIOLINAIRES Feat. Robert Blair ~ Telephone ~ Malaco | 1984
15. EDDIE BRADFORD ~ He Keeps Me ~ Edd-Ra Records | 1988
16. LOUIS FARRAKHAN ~ Let Us Unite ~ A.V.C. Records | 1984
17. GOOGIE and TOM COPPOLA ~ Joyous Flame (*Special DāM-FunK added String-Synth version)

Also be on the lookout for Dam-Funk's new full length album due to drop this year.

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