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Want: Sound Frame by Decibel Audio

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Want: Sound Frame by Decibel Audio

Love this Sound Frame by Cape Town based tech company, Decibel Audio. This is definitely not your typical iPod speaker and we imagine it doesn't sound like one too—because that would suck as most are pieces O crap.

The speaker is wall mounted and is thin as hell; pretty much sitting flush to the wall.

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The main power cables and optional auxiliary RCA audio cables run through a wall cavity and connect via the through-hole front terminal connections.  This creates a seamless wire-free look with unique installation convenience. The Sound Frame is also wireless capable with the addition of an Apple Airport Express or other USB powered wireless device.

You can match the Sound Frame to your room decor by selecting from 3 different frame options or provide your own frame according to our specifications. Even more, you can choose from the company's selection of printed grill cloth designs (vector and photographs) or you can even supply your own photographs or artwork in digital format.

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