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Watch: Martin Brodin "Oh Yeah" Official Music Video

There's butt men, rack types and ones that like legs, me tho, I'm a sucker for lips. Always have, always will. Guessing I have something in common with Mr. Martin Brodin, the man behind the oh so fine imprint MB Disco and this here video/song.

Watch: Martin Brodin "Oh Yeah" Official Music Video

That said, what's not to love about "Oh Yeah." Absolutely nothing as far as I'm concerned. And the song is an absolute monster too. The guitars, the baseline, the vocals and that I.N.X.S. sample…Right floor, right time and this'll make the young girls cry. The single will be out February 15 and being the purveyor of music that Brodin is, you'll be able to score this on vinyl. Oh, and The Glimmers have been tapped for a remix, which we're sure will be ridiculous.

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If you're not familiar with Brodin and his MB Disco imprint, spend some time on his Soundcloud page...

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