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A Chat With Amba Shepherd—A Rising Voice In EDM Culture

I was fortunate to get a few questions out to the talented Amba Shepherd. If the name isn't ringing a bell, she has been on countless chart topping releases with some of EDM’s most successful producers: Porter Robinson with "Vandalism" and the Dutch producer Hardwell with "Apollo"—which held the #1 overall spot on the Beatport chart. She recently collaborated with Denmark producer Mikkas, whose name you may recognize from the remixes of Porter’s "Spit Fire" EP or you may have seen Mikkas' name on Beatport's #1 Trance chart with his collaboration with another amazing vocalist, Emma Hewitt. Their combined talents led to the track "Finally" which was released January 22 on Strictly Rhythm. In a matter of a few weeks the track made it to top five on Beatport’s Electro House charts. We think the track is pretty superb, have a listen for yourself and read our quick chat below…

A Chat With Amba Shepherd—A Rising Voice In EDM Culture

I read that the collaboration for "Finally" with Mikkas came about from meeting during your collaboration of "Vandalism" with Porter Robinson?

Yes I heard Mikkas’s remix of "Unison" and LOVED it. We got in touch with each other right around the release of the "Spitfire" EP and started talking about working on something.

What was it like to work with Mikkas and can we look forward to more?

It was awesome working with him he is a total sweetheart, a true artist and a musical genius. We will definitely be working together on more tracks.

What does "Finally" mean to you?

I wrote the topline for "Finally" about 18 months ago maybe even two years .. sooooo long!! Basically it’s about capturing the feeling of that moment when you realize everything is falling into place.

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You have a beautiful voice and it fits into so many genres of EDM. Do you prefer a specific genre?

Thank you I love really hard electro tracks at the moment, vocal progressive house and loving the sparse electronic indie soul vibe.

Of all the producers you've worked with, who are some of the most memorable?

Mostly I work from my studio here, write and record my ideas and send them back to the guys so we don’t usually work together but recently I was in the studio in Amsterdam with Shermanology and Afrojack and that was amazing and so much fun. The guys were so great, we wrote some awesome tunes and the studio was incredible and the ideas were really flowing!

Is there anyone you have not worked with yet but would like to?

Yes of course! I would love to work with Diplo, Atrak, Avicii, Tiesto, Knife Party, Neon Indian, will.I.Am, Dillon Francis, Calvin Harris, John Dahlback, Chuckie, Nicolas Jaar, Sia, Benny Benassi, I can go on for days.

What can we look forward to next from you, future plans?

Right now I am working on some amazing new collaborations and soon I'm going to start on my own EP. I’m planning to do a bit more traveling this year and spend some time in the US.

Do you have any secret talents you'd like to share?

I love baking! Especially cupcakes, haha. I'm pretty good at that...

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Honestly I think I’ve received more bad advice than good advice; people love to tell me what I need to do with my career at the moment. But I’m big into yoga meditation and metaphysics and when you get into those you really learn how to listen to and rely on your intuition to make decisions… so fortunately I can listen to everyone’s well-meaning-but-sometimes-bad advice and then make up my own mind about what’s right for me.

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