Free Download: Bixel Boys "Love Like This"


Born on downtown rooftops and raised in Venice basements, LA's Bixel Boys been known for throwing parties all across the city and now have some original music to debut today. Their new EP, "Love Like This," marks their anticipated first release, which has already been teased in a few mixtapes including Zimmer's popular monthly chart mix series. Appropriating legendary vocals from their childhood, "Love Like This" (the title track) transforms the feel good classic Faith Evans sample to a deep, eurphouric, mood-driven beat; climaxing at sweeping highs and plummeting sub-fueled drops.  The b-side Everytime adopts snippets of the Janet Jackson ballad and sets them to a pumping bass heavy groove. When asked about the inspiration behind the tracks, the explanation was simple:

Free Download: Bixel Boys "Love Like This"

We wanted to make songs that were true to our brand and what we play out; soulful, dreamy, simple and dark.

Oh yeah, and the EP is free, so download it and dance.

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