British Airways To Offer Rave Friendly Flights


Some interesting news from our friends over at Mixmag involving British Airways: As of April 27th, BA will be offering raver friendly flights. What exactly is a raver friendly flight, you ask? Well instead of peanuts you get, ummm, oh never mind. It means the airline will be running from London to Ibiza at a cut-cost price of £66 for one-way (London Heathrow), which is approximately $102.57 American dollars. That's like Los Angeles to Vegas cheap. The flights will take off at 11.20 am on a Saturday morning direct from London Heathrow and there's even an option for a return (in case you don't plan on sleeping on the beach for the rest of your life), heading back the next day at 11.05 am on Sunday morning. Nice right? And for those who want to take full advantage of Ibiza, weekly return flights are available.

Interested? Here are the flight times again…

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London Heathrow – Ibiza
Saturday: Departs 11.20 am Arrives 2.45 pm
Sunday: Departs 07.05 am Arrives 10.30 am

Ibiza – London Heathrow
Saturday: Departs 3.30 pm. Arrives 5 pm.
Sunday: Departs 11.15 am. Arrives 12.45 pm

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