Carnaval in NYC: ALMA Reunion—A True Celebration of Neo-Brazilian Fusion

Carnaval in NYC: ALMA Reunion—a True Celebration of Neo-Brazilian Fusion

In Portuguese and Spanish, ALMA means the soul. In New York City’s underground dance culture it also stands for a white-hot “journey into neo-Brazilian fusion” if you ask the masterminds behind the ALMA party. A decade ago, a trio of friends had a meeting of the minds after pulling off a Brazilian party and eventually decided to launch ALMA (actually an acronym, “All for the Love of Music & Art”). Though all good things usually come to an end, ALMA’s hosts, Joann Jimenez and Manchildblack, are excited to unite once again with DJs True and Miller Cruz for a grand reunion Thursday night at Sullivan Room. It’s also a chance to bid a fond farewell to Cruz, who is moving to Germany. Friends and fans can expect seven hours of non-stop music, special guests and Brazilian delights, event organizers say.

“ALMA events ran for five years and abruptly ended to the sadness of many of its fans. Now, five years since its end, the original ALMA team gets together for a one time only event to kick off this year’s carnaval!” the team explains in a press release. “Coming from the soul, all for the love of the music and art was exhibited at every event. These two Brazilian DJs combined their vast knowledge of music and wide network of talent to create a bold new sound with a feel that lent itself to a spiritual revival at some moments and a debaucherous carnaval at others. This sound quickly won the world over with big batacuda beats, a soulful NYC cool and a high-caliber of musical guests that shared their love of Brazilian culture and its varied inspired styles.”

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In addition to a long list of legendary Brazilian performers, ALMA events have featured some of underground dance music’s favorite artists such as Louie Vega and The Elements of Life, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, Rich Medina, Osunlade, Bobbito, The Martinez Brothers, DJ Afro, DJ Karizma, Turntables on the Hudson and King Britt. Tonight's Alma reunion party is from 7 pm - 2 am (free entry between 7-8 pm).

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