Delivery And Groundislava Introduce Youtube Channel


Los Angeles-based producers Delivery and Groundislava have each been names to keep an eye out for over the last while on their own, but as of late the two friends have been spending time together in the studio and have something to show for it. Even though the pair is quite unique in their own respective ways, it's the collaborating result that makes their brand new Youtube channel so special.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with these men, I highly recommend checking out Delivery's Boiler Room session and Groundislava's album out on Friends Of Friends. Anyway, you should get recognize as they both represent a new generation of authentic LA talent that is educated and inspired by the past, yet forward thinking and fresh. Plus, they clearly know that music simply tends to be a lot more interesting and fun when you're not sitting there staring at your computer screen.

Their new Youtube channel kicked off about a week ago with its first video, which is a nearly 11-minute-long live acid session with classic analog gear such as a 707, an Alpha Juno, and much more. Watch and zone out below...

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"Welcome to our new channel. We're going to feature all sorts of content on here, but the main theme is based around one take, raw format music "jam sessions" (ugh...) and basically whatever else we feel like uploading. Any sort of errors or fuckups or whatever will generally just be left in and be a part of the video. We want this to be a look into what sorta shit we do in the studio, as opposed to us performing for the camera. For this video we used a TR-707, Alesis HR16, Alpha Juno, x0xb0x, midiverb, and mpc 2000 for sequencing the Juno."

Stay tuned for more and be sure to keep up with them on twitter: Delivery, Groundislava, and video man Aegyokiller.

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