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Exclusive Download: Wirik "Perspective 7" via 530Techno

Wirik is something of a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, all deep fried in industrial techno. Based in Calgary, Canada, "Ivan" has previously released singles on Harmonic Discord, TEAM records and Mexico City's Blaq label. And yet, all we seem to know about Wirik is that he's clearly fond of dark, heavy, abstract techno sounds. His current EP, "Lost World" is out on 530Techno. It includes two original versions of "Time Travel" and the title track, as well as remixes by the label's Symbio, and Proper Trax's WIll Azada. Azada's mix of "Time Travel" stretches the industrial stomp out to a minimal march; while the Symbio mix pushes up the dubby Meat Beat Manifesto funk buried deep in "Lost World." It's enough to put Wirik on our radar but the good folks at 530Techno were nice enough to send along an unreleased outtake to sweeten the pot. We've got "Perspective 7" for you as a free download, enjoy. "Lost World" EP is out February 27th.

Exclusive Download: Wirik "Perspective 7" via 530Techno

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