Listen: Bro Safari - "The Drop"

“The Drop” has exactly what its named after… big drops.
Bro Safari "The Drop"

Bro Safari is absolutely killing it with “The Drop.” This track is loaded with some big bass and out of control energy…literally.  From the moment you press play, sounds of guns being loaded and snares spike your blood pressure. If that’s not enough, “The Drop” has exactly what its named after… big drops. Now, I’m not a psychic, but I can tell you “The Drop,” is going to be one of those tracks that when you play at a show...the audience is gonna just lose it. It's got so much good energy packed into one, it'll be causing a scene (and a good one at that) wherever its played. Don’t believe me? I will leave you with some words Bro Safari wrote on his SoundCloud, showing us listeners lots of love.

Whenever I write a new song, I always want to get it out for people to hear immediately. I'm directly inspired by the music that others are making and also by everything else happening around me, so it makes sense that when I write something new, I should let it be heard as quickly as possible… right? A product of its environment.That's what I did here. I wrote this song over the last week and immediately thought to give it away on Soundcloud, as quickly as possible.You've all been really good to me, so I'll keep doing this as often as possible without compromising the quality of the material that I'm giving away. I definitely don't want to just hand you guys "filler" tracks. Anyway, I have a lot of music in the pipeline, so there won't be any shortage of material from me in 2013. Thanks again for all of the support! Hope you like the tune!- Nick / Bro Safari

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