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Free Download: Fista Cuffs “Run the Trap Exclusive Mix”

Nothing excites me more than when I see a brand spankin new trap mix. So you can only imagine how elated I was when I came across this Fista Cuffs “Run the Trap” mix this morning. To start off, I think we need to appreciate that this mix opened with the X-Files theme song. While I never liked X-Files, I surprisingly found myself nodding my head, feeling kind of bad ass. And I don’t know about you but when “Let’s Go” from Mayhem was thrown in… I was about ready to get down and go HAM. This opening sequence though is just a little taste to the full course meal that lies ahead. Fista Cuffs incorporates some of wildest trap tracks from: Ookay, Flosstradamus, Brillz & ETC!ETC!, Bro Safari & UFO, Gents & Jawns, and so many other crazy good DJs. I hope you have an appetite… because this mix is unbelievable.

Free Download: Fista Cuffs “Run the Trap Exclusive Mix”

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1. X-Files Theme (Fista Cuffs Remix)
2. Let's Go - MAYHEM
3. Destroyer (Freefall Remix) - Beatgrinder
4. For the City - Fista Cuffs & Freefall
5. Tap Ho (Fista Cuffs Remix) - TC
6. Creator (Ookay Remix) - Santigold
7. Bad (VIP) - Roksonix
8. Titan (Titanic Remix) - Clockwork
9. How We Breathe - Fista Cuffs
10. Retro City (LOUDPCVCK Remix) - Adventure Club
11. Easy (Willy Joy Remix) - Porter Robinson & Matt Zo
12. Fuckin' Problem (Fista Cuffs Remix) - A$AP Rocky
13. Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) - Major Lazer
14. Big Ups - Willy Joy
15. Buck Wild - Brillz
16. BMW - Bare
17. High Roller - OG Status
18. Beats & Pussy - Willy Joy
19. Simon Says (Brillz & Etc!Etc! Remix) - Pahroahe Monch
20. Intergalactic (Footwork Trap Remix) - Beastie Boys
21. That A$$ - Bro Safari
22. Callisto - Brillz & Etc!Etc!
23. It's A Trap - UFO
24. Centipede (Sweekuh Remix) - Knife Party
25. 2012 - Bro Safari & UFO
26. TURNUP - Gent & Jawns
27. Here 2 China - Dillon Francis & Calvin Harris
28. Forthcoming
29. Bonafide Hustler - Datisk
30. Holdin' On (Fista Cuffs & DSCO Bootleg) - Skrillex & Nero

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